Great ideas for fun in Burlington, Vermont!

Generally when anyone asks me what the best thing to do out in Burlington is, my answer is the “Burlington Paint & Sip Studio, hello?”, and while I genuinely feel little compares, I thought it might be fun to poll the artists in the studio about the activities and places they like to frequent. They are a lot younger than me (like, a lot) and therefore help keep me up-to-speed on what is current and “hot”. Don’t request their choices in music though, trust me it is dreadful!

Our Artist Natalie told me about Bangkok Bistro (in the alley). She said they offer “large format drinks”.  Hmmm…. now this sounds right up MY alley!  In looking at their website they talk about “buckets” and “towers” of cocktails for 3-6 people (or if  you are me….. just me….).  It does say they don’t prepare takeout cocktails though, so maybe I will have to check this place out one night before my bedtime (and before the young’uns are all out and about).

Annie, another Artist mentioned the Soda Lounge. My initial thought was “wow, totally not gonna hang out with Annie if she only drinks soda”, but then she explained that its actually called the Venetian Cocktail & Soda Lounge and I decided maybe I would hang out with her. From their site it sounds like the location has great history, they offer live music and they have hotdogs!  Now we are talking!

When I asked our Artist Sarah what she liked she told me she likes to go ice skating and get hot chocolate from Lake Champlain Chocolates.  Considering I don’t like cold, and would need some booze in my cocoa I had to admit these were options I would never have thought of! And in case you are wondering, yes, Sarah is incredibly sweet.

Jenna let me in on the secret (well, it was a secret to me) about waffles at Zero Gravity Brewery.  What?  Maybe after getting some cocoa at LCC we can hop over!

Charlie is our resident male Artist in the studio, so I was extra curious of what he likes.  He told me about T. Ruggs Tavern on Elmwood Avenue. This neighborhood bar is a frequent place for his friends to gather.  He also mentioned that (other than the Paint & Sip) he enjoyed ax throwing at Burly Axe.  2 holidays ago we took the studio staff to Burly Ax for an evening, and I have to agree it was a good time… AND a great way to laugh and let out some frustration!

Other places tossed out as favorites among our staff included Dedalus Wine Shop, Radio Bean, the Flynn, the Vermont Comedy Club and a summer favorite, food trucks on Pine Street.  The ideas were flying at me, I really had no idea how well-versed our staff was in fun-night-out activities!  Clearly I need to inquire more often AND get out of the house more!

Check out these ideas and let us know what you think!

Burlington Paint and Sip Studio

Burlington Paint and Sip Studio