Vermont Live Wedding and Event Painting

Capture your special memory in a unique and

entertaining way with Live Wedding & Event Painting!

Artists Megan Winward and Claire Giroux-Williams are co-owners of the Burlington Paint & Sip Studio and have over 40 years of combined experience in art and entertainment.



Let us create your first family heirloom, while entertaining your guests in a way that will leave them talking! Mixing their skills in art and entertainment, your special moment will come alive on canvas while Megan and Claire engage with your friends and family for a truly unique experience.




While we most commonly paint weddings, we love to capture moments at all kinds of events! With options for every budget, let’s chat about what your vision is and how we can bring it to life! Contact us to day to learn more about bringing Live Wedding and Event Painting to your special day!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of event works for a live event painting creation?
The most typical events are weddings, but we can capture a moment at any event!  A 1st, or 101st birthday party, a Bar Mitzvah, an engagement party, a retirement celebration, or an opening of a new business!  A child/grandchild doing something for the first time like walking/skiing/riding a horse, etc.  If you’ve got a moment to capture, we can paint it!

What moment works best to capture on the canvas?
For weddings we typically capture the first kiss or the first dance, but there is a special moment to create from at any event.  Depending on your special day we would work with you to determine a moment that is not only picture-perfect but will translate well on canvas with paint.

What does a live event painting in-process look like at my event?
Our live painting set-up is the ideal creative display for arts and entertainment to add to your event for some major WOW factor.  Our expert artists not only paint the special moment of your choice at your event, but your guests will be captivated watching the canvas come to life and engaging with the artists working their magic! It’s an interactive experience between the painters, painting and event guests – something they will not soon forget.

What is the run-down for how it all happens?
Prior to the day of your event our duo team of artists consult with you about what your vision is for your painting.  We arrive at your event a few hours early to set up and typically get elements of the painting started.  As guests arrive, they will love seeing this live painting is underway, and throughout the event we will continue to paint the canvas with color and detail.  The artists will capture the selected moment on our own camera, and then use that image to construct the finished piece. If your event has multiple locations, we are happy to move our set up with the event through the day. While the painting is not always finished during the event, we will present the painting that night, then take it back to our studio to complete.

How long will the painters be at the event and what does the set-up look like?
We are typically at a standard event for 6 to 10 hours total (not including travel). The artistic set-up we’re curated is professional and beautiful.  Positioning ourselves so that guests can enjoy watching what we do, and we engage your guests and add to the festive nature of your event!  We do not take up much space (about a 5 by 5 foot space) and set up where you determine best.

What medium do you use for the painting?
Our expert artists, Claire and Megan work in acrylic paint and use premium pre-stretched cotton canvas.  Your painting will last a lifetime (or more).

Do I still need to hire a photographer?
Short answer, yes. Photography is an important piece of any event and we are not replacing that offering.  We do, however, offer something that photography cannot; the ability to combine different pieces of your celebration into one image.  Want your first kiss captured but prefer the outside of the church in the background?  Want your first dance painted in front of the altar where you said your vows? Our medium provides some flexibility for the imagination which can not be compared to a photo.

Tell me more about these expert artists that create live event paintings. Any why two?
Claire Giroux-Williams and Megan Winward are the artists and owners of the Burlington Paint & Sip Studio.  With over 40 years of combined experience in painting, teaching and entertaining, they are teaming up to bring you the fun that paint & sips are known for combined with their extensive painting talent through Live Event Painting! Unlike a photograph, a painting is a point of view, and with two sets of eyes and talent your final creation will reflect extended expertise.  In addition, two artists allow for better interaction with guests and for your painting to be completed in a faster time frame.

What is the cost of a live event painting?
Starting at $1500 your final cost will depend on the size of your canvas, selected image(s), length of time of your event and travel to your site.  Shoot us an email at [email protected] for a specific estimate.

Is there a gifting option available?
Absolutely! A painting makes a great gift for your new in-law, a friend from a group of girlfriends, or from a parent to a child.  We will work with you to thoughtfully design your gift that will be cherished for a lifetime.

What is the travel policy?
With our studio in Burlington, VT, Claire and Megan love a good road trip.  If we can reasonably get there, we will do our best to do so.  There are additional fees for travel, so reach out and ask for an estimate!

How do I book a live event painting?
Easy-peasy!  Shoot us an email at [email protected] and tell us what you are looking for.  We will then create a contract for your event with pricing and what specifically is included.  At the time of booking we will ask for a 50% deposit.  The balance of your cost can be paid the day of the event.

What if I want to capture an event that’s already happened?
The expert artists at our studio can work from images of your events (or events) to construct your vision with just a few image references.  While we may not get to party with you and your guests, you will get a priceless memory captured through our premium painting.

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