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Claire & Megan

Claire Giroux-Williams and Megan Winward met in 2015 when they were both working as artists at the Burlington Paint & Sip Studio.  Together they shared many fantastic memories helping people learn to love painting (and sipping).  In 2017 when the studio came up for sale, Megan texted Claire and said “hey, I want to buy the studio… but I think the two of us should do it together…”.  That text got the ball rolling and the two officially purchased the Burlington Paint & Sip Studio on January 14, 2019.

Together with their staff they adopted the mission to “inspire connection through creativity for all”.  This comes from the fact that the philosophy of the Burlington Paint & Sip Studio goes way beyond art, in fact, art is simply the method of fulfilling the mission of connecting with others and connecting with oneself. Taking the time to relax into creativity is something important to everyone’s wellbeing, and the studio is a perfect way to spend time with family, coworkers, friends, and make new friends!

When you come to an event, you will see firsthand our mission-in-action, and will leave with a fun souvenir, but more importantly, a fantastic memory created with people you care about.

Our Artists


Claire was born and raised in SC and moved to Vermont in 2007.  Joining the Paint and Sip family in August 2015 brought her back to her artistic roots.  Claire received her BA in Studio Art with an emphasis in painting back in 1997 from Columbia College of SC, and since has been working in higher education and non-profit development in her full-time life.  She loves the time she spends at the studio helping people develop their painting skills.  When not at work you will often find Claire having a cocktail with friends, hanging with her wife and dogs, and giving much unsolicited advice to anyone who will listen.


Kristin moved to Vermont after graduating with her BS in Elementary Education. She grew up in Maine, but she fell in love with everything Vermont had to offer along the way. Kristin has been a die hard crafter since the beginning, and she loves trying new mediums. If you’re ever wondering what she’s up to, it probably falls between organizing anything she can get her hands on and snuggling up with her rescues.


Co-Owner of Burlington Paint and Sip has been painting at the studio since 2015, and she knows how to party Paint and Sip Style!!  She teaches a hell-of-a kids Birthday party, can party down on a Friday night with a bunch of Bachelorettes, and chill to a relaxing Mimosa Morning.  She brings her “anyone can paint attitude” whenever and where-ever she is!


Shannon (they/them/theirs) came to Vermont back 2007 for undergraduate studies at St. Michael’s College, and settled permanently in 2012. After earning a BA in Fine Arts, they went to work at the Vermont Department of Health and has been there since 2013. Shannon is a grad student at St. Michael’s College and looks forward to being an art educator. Since 2019, they’ve been instructing awesome studio classes at Burlington Paint and Sip! Favorite paintings include pop culture references and all sorts of geekery. Bob Ross is a huge painting inspiration for Shannon, and his calming and anxiety-free painting stylings help lull them happily to sleep.


Ivan (he/him) is a visual and performance artist from Vermont.
This is his first year working as a paint and sip instructor in Burlington and he is excited to be a part of the team.
He holds a BFA in Physical Theater and performs as a circus artist and clown in the warmer seasons, touring across the continent.
When he’s not painting in the studio, you can find him juggling or reading retro sci fi novels.


Mikayla is a senior at UVM studying secondary education and pursuing a masters in special ed. During the school year she is a student and a paraeducator at a local pre school.  When she is not painting or sipping, she enjoys spending time with her friends, drawing, and listening to music.


Sarah (she/her) is a community organizer, environmental activist, vegan and animal lover who lives in Burlington’s South End. She has been painting since childhood, and loves to ride her bike around town, spend time in nature, with animals, skiing and with family and friends. Community, protecting our earth, justice, and finding joy in the little things is really important to her.


After growing up in Southern NH, Emma came to Burlington in 2017 to complete her undergrad at UVM. She loved Vermont so much, that she hasn’t left since! When she isn’t paint-and-sipping, she works at a middle school with students who are learning English. Emma has had a passion for art since she was young—and loves a good sip—so she has a lot of fun at her job. In her free time, she can be found paddle boarding in the summers and snowboarding in the winter. Her favorite part about paint and sip is seeing everyone’s individuality in their paintings.


Caitlin is originally from New York, but moved to Burlington for school. She is a graduating senior at UVM studying secondary education. She loves to be active, especially outside. When the weather is nice you can find her hiking, biking, or at the beach! Besides leading paint classes, Caitlin also has enjoyed teaching swim lessons for the past 3 years and ski instructing. Her favorite part about paint and sip is getting to spread creativity!


Sydney is 24 years old and originally from Lebanon, New Hampshire. She now lives in the Burlington area with her boyfriend and beautiful son. Some of her hobbies include art, cooking, and hiking. Sydney loves being in nature and checking out all of the local breweries. She is super excited about being apart of the team here at the Burlington Paint and Sip Studio and looking forward to meeting new people!


Lilly (she/her) is a lifelong artist, including painting, collage, tattoo design, and poetry. She moved to Burlington to explore a new place where individuality is celebrated. When she isn’t painting, she’s taking classes at CCV, and figuring things out as she goes! Lilly loves tattoos, makeup, fashion, and all forms of self-expression. Her favorite part about teaching at our studio is encouraging freedom and creativity. Lilly believes that art is for everyone, and is the perfect gateway to being our authentic selves!

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