We are working hard to protect you… (updated)

Please know that we are taking many steps help ensure a safe and fun environment for our guests, including:

  • Our staff will be using a bleach-wash on all hard surfaces throughout the event.
  • We are limiting the size of all of our classes to 25 guests, allowing plenty of space to spread out around the studio.
  • Our staff have scrubbed their hands thoroughly and will do so many times throughout the event.
  • We encourage you to wash your hands with soap in our sink throughout the event.
  • Our staff will pump paint for you to minimize how many hands touch the pumps.
  • Any items that are shared throughout the event will be wiped down between uses.
  • We encourage you to not share your brushes with others throughout the event.
  • Our staff have areas of focus, and we appreciate your patience when some processes may take a bit longer than usual. We know the less cross-functioning results in less potential for contamination.
  • We do not have the usual paper towel rolls to be passed around. You have been provided a few paper towels and can get more as needed from your artist.
  • We have washed your brushes and mason jar in a bleach solution, and sprayed down your seat, easel and table prior to your arrival with an antibacterial spray.
  • We won’t be passing around props for pictures, but you are welcome to help yourself. Please make sure your artist wipes them down between uses.  Any pictures you capture, please share with us on social media!
  • Our staff will not be taking photos with other people’s cameras for the time being. All pictures captured on our camera can be found on Facebook after the event.
  • We will not be offering our aprons as usual, but will have disposable ones available.  We are encouraging our guests to bring with them protective clothing if they prefer.
Burlington Paint and Sip Studio

Burlington Paint and Sip Studio