We have a mission!

A mission?  At a paint & sip studio?  Huh?

When we purchased the studio in 2019 our main focus was to get our feet under us, learn everything we needed and enjoy entrepreneurship!  Then…. well…. I don’t have to tell you what happened in 2020.  Can you say “pivot pivot pivot”? Pivot was the name of the game until very recently, even once we were able to open again after lockdown a business like ours could not return to any semblance of normal for a long time. The main pivot we made was going virtual with public events, private parties, and corporate events.  While we always knew the magic of what we do, virtual events, especially during a time when people could not interact in-person, really highlighted how effective the paint & sip model is in helping people get out of their own heads, relax, and become open to connecting with other people and themselves.

When you come to our studio you will see painting and sipping. More importantly, you will see laughing, smiling, people connecting and memories being made. You will see very little of people checking their phones or overly stressing about their artwork.

If we had $1 for every person who walked in saying something along the lines of “oh this is not going to go well”, or “I can’t paint”, or “this is so not for me” and yet leave smiling, pleasantly surprised by their painting and telling us what a good time they had, well….  let’s just say we really wish we had $1 for each of those people.  Truly.

So early in 2022 we realized that we needed to get out of the “pivot” space and into the “new normal” space.  That we now had some time to do what we always wanted to do, but COVID interrupted. Together we worked with our staff and business coach to envision the future of the Burlington Paint & Sip Studio, how it connected with the community, and where it’s greatest values lie.  We know that our studio has become an important part of the community, and we want to see it thrive!

So what is our mission then?  Have I kept you waiting long enough (well, it is on our homepage you know)? The mission of the Burlington Paint & Sip Studio is to “Inspire Connection Through Creativity for All”.  Our vision is that “all people understand the value of connection and creativity”.

It is about connection. Joy. It is an experience to share and a way to spend quality time with loved ones. Pretty simple.  You come to the events, we work the magic, you and yours have a great time.

Don’t believe us? Just come and try it, we can say with confidence, you won’t be disappointed!

Burlington Paint and Sip Studio

Burlington Paint and Sip Studio