Adults deserve Birthday Parties too!

Since opening in January of 2015 the Burlington Paint & Sip Studio has been a “go-to” for children’s birthday parties, but we are also an amazing place to celebrate adult birthdays, because adult’s deserve parties too!  In the past 9 years I have observed that most adults fall into 1 of 2 categories when it comes to their birthdays; A- they LOVE their birthday, believe it should be celebrated for more than 1 single day, and love an event that is all about them, or B- they would just as soon pretend they don’t even have a birthday, much less promote a situation where their nearest and dearest are focusing a bunch of attention on them, if even for a short period of time. No matter what category you (or a loved one) falls into, a Paint & Sip party is a fantastic choice and will meet all of the needs and expectations of even the most scrutinizing birthday girl/boy.

For those adults in the “B” category, they will love how their friends/family can come together and engage in a fun activity guided by our artists that promotes everyone connecting to each other and themselves, and the focus does not need to be on the guest of honor. Everyone will have a blast and remember what a fun time they had through lasting memories! Guests will leave feeling like they were the ones being celebrated!

For those in the former category, we can make the event as much about them as they like! Special food and decorations can be brought in, and we can create a custom painting for your event that highlights the interests of the birthday girl/boy. Want to REALLY make it about you? Let’s do a party where everyone paints a different version of you, based on a list of your traits, talents and interests! Trust me when I say the love and laughter will flow, and you will likely leave with some amazing works of art to remember the day by!

Is a private party more than you are looking for?  It is very common for groups celebrating a birthday to attend one of our public events, and don’t worry, we always make the birthday girl/boy feel extra special!  Grab your friends for an extra special night out of painting, sipping, and celebrating you!

Whatever you choose, remember that all birthdays are a gift, and the best gift you can give to anyone is quality time spent together.  We look forward to seeing you on your next birthday and showing you the joy of Paint & Sip parties! Cheers!

Burlington Paint and Sip Studio

Burlington Paint and Sip Studio