Best Bachelorettes!!

Let’s talk Bachelorette parties! What is the purpose of the bachelorette party, and how has it evolved over the years?  Like so many things in our social-media driven world, bachelorette parties have grown from what used to be a night out to full weekends away! Every dutiful attendant is looking for the newest, flashiest, and most memorable experiences for their brides, and we are here for it!

We do all kinds of bachelorette parties; parties in our studio, parties at other public locations and private homes, parties that start the day, parties that end the day, big parties, intimate parties and everything in between! Whatever you want to make your celebration the best it can be we are here to help!

Our studio is open to all ages, is completely accessible and right downtown in the midst of other places like restaurants, shops and bars. Bring your future grandmother-in-law as well as your junior bridesmaid and they will all have a blast, guaranteed! People can enjoy drinks (we have sober-sips for the little ones) and spend time creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Many groups choose to join a public event, perhaps dressing their bride up in a variety of cute (and not so cute) accessories, and bring a ton of life to the studio!

Choose to do a private event and have the studio to yourself!  The biggest benefit of this is being able to bring in refreshments, decorations, and choose what painting we teach. We can also create a custom painting for you at a minimal charge!

However you plan to celebrate your bride, the Burlington Paint & Sip Studio is the best choice for bringing your family and friends together! Reach out today to get the planning started!

Burlington Paint and Sip Studio

Burlington Paint and Sip Studio