Summer, Summer, Summer Time!

Today is summer solstice, and school let out last week, all meaning that summer in Vermont is in full-swing! What does summer mean for the Burlington Paint & Sip Studio?  Well, lots actually, thanks for asking!

Since opening in 2015 no doubt the summer trend in our studio is much slower than in the winter.  Many factors presumably play into this, not the least of which is that Vermont offers so many activities and opportunities during these 3 months. People enjoy activities in nature, choose to lounge at outdoor seating on Church Street, and of course there are all the festivals to attend! This does not mean though that the Paint & Sip isn’t offering great opportunities to enhance your summer experience! How can the studio support  your summer dreams, well, here are just a few ways:

  • Bachelorette Parties- Summer in Vermont means lots of weddings, and weddings mean bachelorette parties! Few other activities offer the opportunity to relax and enjoy time with every member of your wedding crew, from flower-girls to future great-grandmother-in-laws, holding your event at our studio will ensure a fantastic start to your festivities!
  • Plein air painting/outdoor events- we love partnering with others to bring you new experiences and opportunities to also enjoy the outdoors!  Keep an eye out for events held at Glory Flower Farm, outside on Church Street, and more! We also do private events in the outdoor location of your choice, just contact us to get the planning started!
  • Camp- you have probably seen other posts or advertisements for our summer camp program for kids ages 6 and up. These camps have given us a fantastic outlet for spreading the joy of art and helping to meet the community need for summer activities for kids. Check out our website for more information/dates/etc.
  • Public events – while these are not unique to summer, they are just as much fun in the summer! Our events are a great way to entertain out-of-town guests, beat the heat on hot days, and cap off your summer nights out with friends. Can’t make it to the coast this year?  Come paint the coast with us!

As you roll into summer and create your plans, don’t forget all the great ways that the Burlington Paint & Sip Studio can help you create lasting memories!


Burlington Paint and Sip Studio

Burlington Paint and Sip Studio